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Walking in London

Walking is one of the perks of life. If you walk in London, you not only get to enjoy all the city sights and get some healthy exercise, you can also feel good about reducing your carbon footprint and saving the planet.

The downside to walking in London? - Most people say it takes too much time but in fact, in certain parts of London, walking can be the fastest way of getting from A to B. Also, it doesn't matter if it takes a bit longer to soak-in fantastic views such as the banks of the River Thames.

Our London hotels are all close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens which are fantastic areas to take a walk and enjoy the London attractions.

Obviously, it would not be in your interest to walk from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to the city centre. It would take hours while travelling by London Underground train would take just 20 minutes. However, between certain London Underground stations such as Covent Garden and Leicester Square, it is actually quicker to walk than take the train. London tube stations look like they're similar distances apart on the Tube Map but in reality they're not. Many stations in Central London are just a few hundred metres apart whereas in the outer-zones, stations are miles apart.

The Mayor of London is dedicated to making London greener and a big part of achieving this is to make London one of the most pedestrian and cyclist friendly cities in the world.  Many special pedestrian walkways and cycle paths have been created.

For details of London's best walking routes, please visit the Transport for London website:

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to get out your walking shoes, ready to sample the delights of the London streets but remember to be careful of traffic!


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Get into your walking shoes and walk in London to get the delights of the beautiful London streets!