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Dance Sensation, Tap Dogs Return to London

Tap Dogs, the Australian award-winning tap dance show, is back in the UK at London's Novello Theatre (formerly the Strand) after 15 years.

The tap dance show, created by Dein Perry, rose to fame in January 1995 where it premiered at the Sydney Theatre Festival. The dance spectacular was inspired by Perry's industrial town background and his desire to create a contemporary tap show. It has been viewed by 11 million people around the world and has won numerous awards including the Olivier Award and 11 international awards from Italy to New York.

Filled with testosterone, the six all-male dancers project energy and excitement on a stage designed to look like a construction site, whilst they belt out rhythmic beats with their feet. The dancers are dressed in faded jeans, lumberjack plaid shirts and workman boots fitted with taps, whilst performing to rock music. Tap Dogs features a series of dance-offs as well as solo acts mixed with plenty of jokes and camaraderie.

Tennis is not the only activity available in Wimbledon. The Wimbledon Park Golf Club in London near Wimbledon Park was founded in 1898 and is an 18-hole course with a short game practice area and putting green. The 66 par course was severely bombed during World War II and a bunker on the 13th hole was a result of the hits. The clubhouse offers corporate meeting facilities and provides excellent food and wine.

In keeping with the construction theme, dancers tap with basketballs, iron rods, hanging upside down suspended by ropes and even on ladders with angle grinders. The front row should beware that water is involved and you may end up a little wet (though raincoats are provided).

The London show stars Adam Garcia who was recently a judge on dance show 'Got to Dance'. He has also starred in Wicked and Saturday Night Fever. He is joined by Douglas Mills, Matt Papa, Donovan Helma, Jesse Rasmussen and Richie Miller.

One of the highlights of the Tap Dogs show is when they returned home to Sydney for the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games. 1000 dancers from the worldwide Tap Dogs shows performed to over 3.4 billion TV viewers.

Tap Dogs is a rhythmic sensation topped by dancers showcasing their fast feet and toned muscles! For a great show, not to be missed, book your tickets now.


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Enjoy a sensational show of tap dance alive with top-notch dancers at the Tap Dogs Show in London!