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How to Stay Safe in London - Top Tips for How to Take Care in the City

Safety is often a major consideration while you're in the highly advanced city like London. Natives are always aware of the daily life's risks in the city and how to stay away from them. But if you're a newcomer, you may not be familiar with the possible dangers, and you might need to suffer from some unexpected problems. Here are a few tips to stay safe in London, whether you're a local Londoner, excited day-tripper or a first-time visitor.

London Travel Safety Tips:

. Plan your journey in advance and decide the whole route before your journey starts.
. If possible, try to avoid shortcuts like waste grounds, alleyways, bushy and wooded regions.
. Walking alone at night is not too safe, so try to avoid it.
. Be alert and keep a close watch on what's happening around you.
. Prefer black-cabs or registered mini-cabs for your journey in the city.

Staying Safe in Bars and Restaurants in London:

. Keep your belongings out of the sight of strangers.
. Several venues provide Chelsea clips under the tables; make use of them to secure your briefcase or handbag.
. Don't accept the drinks from unknown persons.
. Take care of your friends; never leave a friend alone or with unknowns.

Keep Your Belongings Safe in London:

. Never keep your bag(s) unattended anywhere in the city; this can lead to security alerts.
. Put your wallet or purse close to the body and try to avoid carrying more than enough cash.
. While using a cash machine, make sure no-one is monitoring you and if you find something odd, inform to the
   bank or cops.
. Avoid using an ATM in the late night or on deserted roads.

Keeping Your Mobile Phone Safe in London:

. Keep your cell phone out of sight of anyone while not in use.
. Avoid using the mobile in the public areas and normally keep it on silent or vibrate so it doesn't draw attention of
. If your phone has a security lock code, then make use of it.
. Inform both the police and service provider, if your cellular phone is lost or stolen.

Medical Services in London

. In a real medical urgency, Call 112 or 999 for an ambulance.
. The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK's key healthcare provider and its treatment is free for natives.
  Foreigners are non-eligible for free NHS treatment except if they require emergency treatment whilst in the UK.

Though London is a very safe and sound place, taking precautions will make you extra secured.


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