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Fancy a Snog in London?

Snog frozen yogurt in London, that is! This cool, hip London shop, serves up fat free frozen yogurt for an indulgent, yet guilt-free treat that is refreshing and healthy all year round. A Snog has no fat, no artificial sweeteners; is low in calories and high in calcium and protein so you can easily enjoy a Snog every day!

The frozen yoghurt is made up of non-fat organic yoghurt with probiotics and organic skimmed milk. You have a choice of natural, green tea or chocolate yogurt topped with everything from fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc) to dry toppings (dates, almonds, granola, etc) to something a little more indulgent and less fat free - chocolate brownie and Oreo cookie. If you are a slightly overwhelmed and unsure of which flavour or topping you would like to go for, you can try before you buy.

There are currently three central London locations to choose from; Soho, South Kensington and Westfield, with the Covent Garden location opening soon. Each Snog frozen yogurt shop in London has been designed using fresh, bright colours and decor which makes the occasion all the more enjoyable.

A Snog may not be cheap but for a healthy treat in Central London its well worth it - the portions are generous and the ingredients are of high quality. No need to feel guilty! If you do become a regular Snogger, it is worth getting your hands on one of their loyalty cards.

And until Tuesday 16 March 2010 you can feel even better about your purchase as British Red Cross Chile Earthquake Appeal gains the benefits of all hot topping sales. Visit for further information on the Fancy a Snog in London?


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Fancy a Snog from top Snog frozen yogurt shops in central London!