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Sexual Nature Exhibition in London

The Sexual Nature Exhibition running at the Natural History Museum in London until 2nd October gives you an opportunity to discover sexual assortment and diverse mating systems of animals and flora. The exhibition is meant for adults and children above 16 years of age. It contains candid information and imagery on the subject of sex in the natural world.

The Sexual Nature Exhibition in London contains especially custom-built exhibits and specimens which have never been put on view for public before, to learn details about sex in the natural world. When you step inside the Sexual Nature Exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London you will be awed instantly by amazing photography, astounding film footage and remarkable Museum specimens.

You will come across interesting and rare specimens like London Zoo's famed Guy the gorilla, an impressive red deer stag and a giant sperm whale are on show at the Sexual Nature Exhibition in London. The exhibits also include the antlers of two caribou locked together, after a clash for territory and mating rights which ended in their deaths. You can even meet many live creatures including stick insects and guppies.

Visitors can see spectacular BBC wild life video recordings, projections and other enlightening films and animations divulge elaborate details and colourful displays of mammals, birds and insect. Isabella Rossellini's eccentric Green Porno short films are also screened at the Sexual Nature Exhibition in London's Natural History Museum, interpreting the sex lives of animals.

Startling facts and images will emphasize the aggression of competing for mates, how hard to please females have steered male evolution and the clash between the sexes.

The concluding displays discover sex from the human point of view and the similarities involving humans and other animals in choosing a mate, as well as what sets us apart. You will be amazed at nature's most bizarre and intimate secrets. A magnetic poetry wall is a special feature at the exhibition.

The Sexual Nature Exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London is open from 10.00 to 17.50 hrs daily with last admission at 17.15 hrs until 2nd October 2011. The exhibition will also be open till late on the last Friday of every month for After Hours. Tickets are priced for adults at £8, child and concessions at £4 and family at £21. The exhibition is free to members and patrons of Museum and children aged 3 and under.

The Sexual Nature Exhibition in London's Natural History Museum is even open to school groups, where students can learn about the numerous reproductive strategies of animals and plants as they study the connection between sex and evolution in this interesting exhibition. Due to the potentially explicit nature of a number of exhibits, a comprehensive overview is available on official website to teachers considering a visit to the Museum. School group visits are of 45 minutes duration and maximum group size is 30 pupils.

Visit the Sexual Nature Exhibition in London and explore the beautiful and surprising world of sex in nature at the Natural History Museum.


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Know about the sex in the natural world at the Sexual Nature Exhibition in London's Natural History Museum!