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Science Museum in London attracts all science and gadget lovers with modern technologies.


London Science Museum

Science Museum London

You don't have to be obsessive about science or gadgets to like the London Science Museum in central Kensington area. All you require is a bit of inquisitiveness and you will certainly and positively find out something incredible that will leave you completely stunned. Do technologies drive the past? You may locate the reply at the Science Museum in London.

The London Science Museum was created from the Great Exhibition of 1851 which was conducted in Hyde Park's Crystal Palace. The museum attracted a large financial surplus as a result of the Great Exhibition's fame. Prince Albert, who hosted the Great Exhibition, recommended using the cash to promote several educational institutions. Simultaneously, the management of the day placed a Science & Art Department which established two other museums. A fresh construction to house the Science Museum in London was started by King George V in 1928.

The variety of collected works the museum features is extreme. The visit to this museum will take you no less than a day and the museum is open for every age group. You can prefer from the Science, Medicine and Engineering Technology exhibitions as well as many others.

The IMAX 3D Cinema is something one may feel like trying. Whether you prefer the wonders of the Ancient Egypt, primitive undersea adventures, natural world, environment, space, and World's nearly all vicious forces - they will all leave your jawbone on the flooring.

The Science Museum in Kensington London is not merely an amazing manner to spend your day of the week but in addition a fine means to find out the wonderful world of Science.

Visiting the London Science Museum:

Address: Exhibition Road, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW7 2DD

For more information on the Science Museum in London, please phone 0870 870 4868

Cost: Free (special exhibition price vary)

Time: Daily 10am - 6pm (except 24 to 26 December)

Age Restrictions: None

Nearest Underground Stations:
South Kensington Tube (5 minutes)
Gloucester Road Tube (9 minutes)

For more information on the Science Museum in London, please visit :

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Discover the world of science at the Science Museum in London!