Rugby in London, Britain refers to a number of modern sports in London & is a leisure game.


London Sports - Rugby

London Rugby

Rugby in London might refer to a number of modern sports like American football and Canadian football that descended from a common form of football that was developed at Rugby School. Rugby union is both a professional and amateur game, dominated by eleven major unions.

In Britain, there are two types of rugby played: the fifteen-a-side Rugby Union and thirteen-a-side Rugby League. The thirteen-a-side Rugby League has moved into a new era with the formation of Super League. The league features one London club, the London Broncos (phone +44 (0)20 8410 5000; along with the heavy hitting northern clubs. There are a few matches on Friday and Saturday night however the majority of games take place on Sundays at 3pm, from March to September. Players also have the option of playing the Union in the winter.

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