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The Odeon Cinemas in London are extremely entertaining with new Hollywood blockbusters.


Odeon Cinemas in London

Odeon Cinemas in London

Cinema fan? Not to worry. Odeon Cinema is the largest cinema chain in UK and central London venues are your best bet.

With over hundred Odeon cinemas in London, you can take friends or family to new Hollywood blockbusters at any of your favorite Odeon Cinemas in London and the variety of films is extensive - from entertaining animation for all ages to horrific action thriller.

The flagship cinema, the Odeon, Leicester Square in London, is where many stars walk the red carpet to promote their films and the screening room at the Odeon Leicester Square is beautifully designed, with comfortable chairs and excellent sound system. It is one of the best in central London; no wonder the upgrade cost £3 million.

Odeon Cinemas in London also offers venue hire facilities and a host of corporate event solutions. If you can't wait for the film to be released, Odeon Cinemas in UK will arrange you a private screening of pre-release films.

Have some fun with friends and family at your favourite Odeon Cinemas in London.

Visiting the London Odeon Cinemas:

Address: Various venues

Nearest Underground Stations: Charring Cross

For more information on the Odeon Cinema, please visit:
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Get entertained at Odeon Leicester Square and your favourite Odeon Cinemas in central London!