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Natural History Museum London is a research centre and houses earth and life specimens.


London Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum London

The London Natural History Museum is one of the three most famous museums in London. Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum are the other biggest museums in the city. The Natural History Museum is located on the well-known Cromwell Road of London city. Ardent naturalists call the museum 'a cathedral of nature'. It is famous all over the world as a research center.

The Natural History Museum in London had its origin within the British Museum. The Waterhouse frontage was shaped later in 1881, and the similar extended to include the environmental museum at a still later point of time. The London Natural History Museum is a splendid piece of structural design, with an oriental terra cotta exterior on the civilization of high construction of Victorian kind. Its numerous monuments and decorations are really expressive of old and new facets of natural world, in its varied forms.

The Natural History Museum London is home to around seventy million varieties of earth and life specimens in its confines. Its five most important collected works are from the field of mineralogy, botany, paleontology, zoology and entomology. The museum does incredible work in the maintenance and discovery of organization, as a renowned research centre. A lot of its specimen's are a treasure of usual and natural specimens. These are of huge historical and scientific value. Main well known amongst these are the specimens collected by Charles Darwin. Although the Darwin Centre of London Natural History Museum was build in two phases in current times. The Darwin Centre was as well partially shaped for conserving and presenting Charles Darwin's precious compilations.

Visiting the London Natural History Museum:

Address: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7942 5000

Cost: Free (special exhibitions prices)
Time: Mon to Sat 10:00-17:50 & Sun 11:00 - 17:50

Nearest Underground Stations:
Gloucester Road Tube (7 minutes)
South Kensington Tube (5 minutes)

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What's on at Natural History Museum in London

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Wildlife Photographer of the Year
21st October 2016
The winners of the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition images are now on display at the National History Museum in London. There are over hundred prize-winning photos from 18 competition types on display in the museum.
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Discover Charles Darwin's specimens at the Darwin Centre in the London Natural History Museum!