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More London Information

These pages by our luxury London Hotels aim to provide a rich guide for those visiting London. With more information about London from Tourist Information Centres and recent London events to best West End Shows in London and excellent London entertainment options, hopefully you will find what you are looking for. We offer this extensive resource of great London information to help you find the location of libraries, places of worship, hospitals, Post Offices, Embassies and Consulates....

Tourist Offices in London
Tourist Offices in LondonVisit for most up-to-date information on London sightseeing & entertainment, directions, locations and prices. They can advice you on almost anything for your London sightseeing trip.

Cinemas in London
Cinemas in LondonLondon hosts an abundance of over hundred cinemas in all areas of the city. Many of the cinemas have up to 8 screens, giving you a greater variety of film experience to choose from.

Theatres in London
Theatres in LondonPopular for its Theatreland, London has three types of theatres, famous as West End, Off West End & Fringe. Bookings are open Monday through Saturday & also through agents.

Consulates & Embassies in London
Consulates & Embassies in LondonWhen you are in London, it's good to know nearest embassy or consulate, for any assistance. They assist their compatriots and provide local representation in their homeland.

Hospitals in London
Hospitals in LondonLondon has over 80 hospitals serving London and the nearby areas. When visiting London, you should check where your nearest hospital is just for any emergency medical treatment.

Post Offices in London
Post Offices in LondonYou will probably want to send souvenir postcards to your friends & family or send correspondence while in London, so know the nearest post office & its official working hours.

London Telephone Services
London Telephone ServicesBritish Telecommunications is the main provider of telephone and telecommunications within the UK. They offer public call boxes. There are many mobile service providers.

Important Phone Numbers
Important Phone Numbers, LondonEmergency, ambulance and police numbers are here for any assistance. We would hope that during your stay in London you will not need to use these numbers but it's good to know.

Religious places in London
Religious Places LondonIn London, a truly multi-cultural city, there is a place of worship for almost every religion and faith. London is the location of many famous churches, chapels, cathedrals and temples.

London Libraries
Libraries, LondonLondon is rich with quality libraries which can be found in almost every community. Both small and more well-known libraries provide great resources & vast information.

British Currency
British CurrencyThe British currency is Pound Sterling '£' which can be divided into 100 pence 'p'. The coins consist of £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p whilst the notes are of £50, £20, £10 and £5.

Sports in London
Sports, LondonLondon will host Olympics in 2012 and will attract some of the world's best athletes. Football, rugby, cricket & Wimbledon tennis championships are the most popular sports.

Children's London
Childrens LondonChildren often enjoy London more than their parents. With beautiful and spacious London parks ideal to play, the city offers many options including large toy stores, cinemas & theatres.

River Cruises
River Cruises, LondonLondon offers various sightseeing as well as restaurant cruises along the River Thames and Regent's Canal. An evening on London River Cruises will be memorable experience for you.

Unexplored London
Unexplored LondonTourists often hit good sight seeing attractions in London but they also want to find out more about yet unexplored London treasures & would like to experience something different.

London Directory
London DirectoryThis list of addresses and telephone numbers will help you to get quick information of where London's main attractions, London restaurants, bars & pubs, cinemas & theatres are.

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