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Momo Restaurant London serves top saffron sauces, seafood, zaalouk and soft couscous.


London Momo Restaurant

Momo Restaurant in London

Momo London serves renowned Moroccan food in the heart of London Soho. Chef Mohamed Ourad is the culinary master of Momo London, consistently turning out top quality North African and Mediterranean delights.

Critics from all over the world have hailed Momo London as an effortlessly cool venue that produces amazing traditional and fusion dishes alike. Experience the light saffron sauces, sweet seafood, traditional zaalouk and silky-light couscous at Momo London.

Let Momo London spice-up your life!

For more information on the Momo Restaurant in London, please phone 020 7434 4040

Visiting Momo Restaurant in London :

Address: 25 Heddon Street, Soho, London, W1B 4BH

Nearest Underground (Tube) stations: Piccadilly Circus

For more information on Momo Restaurant in London, please visit :

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Taste best Moroccan food in London's genuine Arabic Den, Momo London!