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Have a glance at the extremely Popular Sports in London, Britain for your next visit to London.


Sports in London

London Sports

Sports in London, Britain is a very serious matter. Just a quick glance at the national press gives an impression that international wins and defeats are taken by Britons as an index of their country's world rating of power. The UK can boast many great athletes who compete internationally and are praised across the world.

Football is arguably the most popular sport in Britain with team players often appearing on the first page of the tabloids. Cricket, rugby, tennis, horse racing and greyhound racing are described below.

London FootballFootball or Soccer is the most popular sport in the UK. Britons are very obsessive about their team and take any international win or defeat quite personally as much as country's pride.

London CricketThe game was introduced to the colonies in the days of the British Empire. Success of former colonies like Australia, West Indies & India is ironic as they beat England often.

Rugby in London SportsThe English team has had greatly more success overseas for their country than cricket team though they can't quite match the power and attacking style of the Aussies & Kiwis.
Tennis in LondonWimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and arguably the most prestigious. During summer, it becomes a fierce competition arena, with many cheers and tears.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing in LondonThe first recorded race meeting was during the reign of Henry II. Today horse racing with over 400 expert jockeys is a popular sport and a base of the British betting industry.

Greyhound Racing
Greyhound Racing in LondonOften referred to as a modern day transformation, it today welcomes 4 million attendees a year. One of the most modern sports in London attracts an audience searching for thrill

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