Sun run to beat block with music at Wembley Stadium on 13th September 2015.

Sure Run to the Beat 2015

13th September 2015
Wembley Park, Greenwich, London HA9 0WS
Telephone: 0871 200 4950

Sure Run to the Beat will take place at the well-known Wembley Stadium on 13th September 2015. Approximately 15,000 runners will be a part of Sure Run to the Beat, the music minded run.

For the first time, runners will get chance to feel the exclusive music block runs. Starting and finishing at Wembley Park, there will also be special stages spotted around the route where live concert DJ's will be playing motivational music, leading you to the end of run where a signature act will be waiting for you to join the party. As runners cross the finish line, they will be treated like stars in Festival Village with extravagant performances.

Don't miss your chance to run with block music at Sure Run to the Beat 2015 in London.

For more information on Sure Run to the Beat 2015 please call, 0871 200 4950.

Visiting Sure Run to the Beat 2015:

Cost: £37.60

Time: TBC

Age Restrictions: N/A

Nearest Underground Stations:
Wembley Park Tube Station (10 minutes walk)
Wembley Central Tube Station (11 minutes walk)

For more information please visit: /

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Enjoy the atmosphere like nothing you have experienced ever, at Sun run to beat 2015