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Sci Fi London Film Festival will draw a crowd of film enthusiasts at select London venues.
Sci Fi 2016 London

Sci Fi London 2016

27th April - 6th May 2016
Stratford Picturehouse, Salway Rd, London E15 1BX
Telephone: +44(0)20 3239 9277

Sci Fi London is an international science fiction and fantasy film festival in London. Focusing on the creative genre, Sci Fi London Film Festival celebrates films and books with leading reviews, forums and news. The festival covers every aspect of the Sci Fi world. The Sci Fi event in London, started by the director Louis Savy, has become a highly anticipated and prominent event in the film calendar.

Described as a "festival for people who don't like Sci Fi", this particular event promises to attract a wide number of people with different interests and tastes, not just the strange Star Trek addicts. Targeted but open to everyone, The Sci Fi London Film Festival is a chance for some to discover the great things about science fiction! With Harry Potter's fantastic success, as well as the recent boom in Comic book films over the last decade, not to mention Lord of the Rings; fantasy films and science fiction have never been more popular.

Alongside the standard pictures encoding (which contain shorts, character, documentaries & globe primary concert) the London film festival will feature a sequence of conference and question listed sort narrative, pictures & television.

The Sci Fi Film Festival in London will display pictures for more than three days and thousands of visitors will attend. Escape the real world by heading to Sci Fi London!

For more information on the Sci Fi London, please phone +44(0)20 3239 9277.

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Stratford Tube Station

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Indulge in the incredible world of science fiction and fantasy at the Sci Fi London Film Festival 2016!