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Mother's Day 2015 will be alive with a series of special events across London venues.


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Mother's Day 2015 in London

Mother's Day 2015 in London

15th March 2015 (annual)
Numerous London venues hold special events

Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday in London and the rest of the UK, always falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent. A traditional Christian celebration, Mother's Day is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and Mother's Day 2015 in London and the UK will be in the second week of April. Celebrated globally but on different dates, Mother's Day is a very popular festival that, like Christmas, has been commercialised. London hotels, restaurants and other attractions experience a huge boom on Mother's Day as mothers from all over the UK are treated to luxury.

Mother's Day in London and the UK is often celebrated by gathering family members and going out to a restaurant or theatre before heading back to a London hotel. Mothers are also given gifts such as flowers and chocolates. Why not treat your mother to a day in London? - You can be creative and organize a family day out with a nice dinner, cruise or a West End musical, before heading back to your luxury London hotel. Mother's Day '14 in London is all about expressing your appreciation and love for your mother so give her your full attention! Don't miss any opportunity to pamper a woman who has been a caring and loving mother to you!

Traditionally, mothers on Mother's Day in Great Britain are given red roses. An almond cake called 'Simnel Cake' is also made for mothers. You can buy flowers almost anywhere in London and today a simple cake will do the job if selected with love.

In the past on Mother's Day, there used to be a tradition that children visited their 'Mother Church', the church of their home, rather than their closest church. Family reunions have also been a distinctive feature on Mother's Day in London and the UK.

Celebrate this special date by showering your mother with love, gifts and fun. Remember to thank your mother for all the love and care she has given you this Mother's Day 2015 in London.

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Treat your mother with flowers and chocolates on Mother's Day 2015 in London!