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Les Miserables in London tells how the Major protect young girl while hiding his own identity.
Les Miserables in London

Les Miserables in London

6th October 2015
Queen's Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, W1D 6BA
Telephone: 0844 482 5160

Les Miserables in London Queen's Theatre is the story of a chain gang member, Jean Valjean who had a chance to re-start his life, with the generosity of the Bishop of Digne. After changing his identity he goes on to become a pillar of the community as a factory owner and Major.

One of Valjean workers Fantine, has a secret illegitimate daughter however when the co-workers find out they demand for her to be dismissed. Desperation leads her into a world of prostitution so she can provide for her daughter. After being totally degraded, she ends up getting into a fight with a prospective customer and gets arrested. The Major saves her and insists that instead of prison she is taken to hospital as she is very sick. In hospital, Fantine gives a dying wish that Valjean looks after her daughter which he vows to do and the story continues through to his struggles to hide his own identity and protect a young girl growing up in 19th Century France.

It is no surprise that Les Miserables is the most successful show to enter the worldwide stage and after 25 years in the West End is the longest running show in London today.

For more information on Les Miserables in London Queen's Theatre, please call 0844 482 5160.

Visiting Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre in London:

Cost: £10 - £ 30

Time: 2:30pm

Age Restrictions: Parental guidance is recommended

Nearest Underground Stations:
Piccadilly Circus

For more information please visit:

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Enjoy the most successful and longest running show in London, Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre in London!