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Jack the Ripper Tour offer photos of Ripper's victims, murder places as they were in 1888.
Jack the Ripper Tour London

Jack the Ripper Tour London

Every night at 7pm
Outside exit four of Aldgate East Underground Station
Telephone: 0208 530 8443

Is it possible for anyone to forget the terror produced by the detestable but well-known serial killer, Jack the Ripper in the late 19th century? Jack the Ripper Tour London will be the weird and eccentric tour unfolding the world's most horrible murder mystery and also the only Jack the Ripper Walk displaying original Victorian Photos of the avenues, murder sites and star-crossed victims as they were in 1888.

Jack the Ripper is the most horrible, mysterious serial killer in the world history, who was highly active in and around the London's Whitechapel district in 1888. Certainly, one of the London's best known and savoury characters, Jack the Ripper, who remained anonymous to date, though he killed a number of female prostitutes, maliciously. Nobody is yet succeeded in solving the mystery behind those cold-blooded killings and also decreasing the awful fame connected with a name - 'Jack the Ripper'. A series of victims in and around Whitechapel were attributed to this unknown 'Jack' and newspapers at that time attached 'the Ripper' title because of the gruesome hallmarks of the murders.

There have been many theories about the identity of this murderer, who stalked the late-Victorian East End slums - some involving members of the Royal Family - but the case was never satisfactorily solved. Many documents - including the police files and photographs taken at the time - as well as letters from the public and some, allegedly, from the Ripper himself are displayed, helping to give some basis for the stories that have circulated or, perhaps, enabling some 21st century super-sleuth to solve the case.

Join Jack the Ripper Tour London only, if you've enough courage to experience the formidable journey and simply stay away if you're faint-hearted.

For more information on Jack the Ripper Tour in London, please phone 0208 530 8443.

Visiting Jack the Ripper Tour:

Cost: £9.00 per person

Time: 7.00 pm

Age Restrictions: n/a

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Be ready for somewhat interesting but equally fear-provoking experience at Jack the Ripper Tour in London!