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Visit the Trafalgar Square London and celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 festival.
Chinese New Year 2014 in London

Chinese New Year 2014 in London

2nd February 2014
London's Trafalgar Square and Westminster
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Chinese New Year '14 is a massive global festival that is celebrated in London and across the world. It is the biggest party of the year for the Chinese community. When related to Western calendars, the actual date of Chinese New Year varies from late January to mid February.

London Chinese New Year action is always centred on Trafalgar Square and Westminster,. Chinatown in Soho becomes even more vibrant as London starts the Chinese New Year preparations. London's Westminsterusually hosts colourful celebrations, with firecrackers, fireworks and an array of authentic Chinese food served from restaurants and stalls in nearby China Town. Chinese lanterns are lit at Oxford Circus and, at the begin of the New Year; Lion Dancers go by the streets to wish good fortune and prosperity. Drums, cymbals and gongs go along with the Lion Dance to scare the evil and bad fortune.

Each year of the Chinese calendar is a symbol of one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac: Dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, rat, pig, dog, rooster, monkey, ram, horse and snake. Chinese New Year 2013 will see the animal change from Ox to Tiger.

For the Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations in London, a parade will start at 11 am from Strand and will go along Charing Cross Road and Shaftsbury Avenue. The parade will display an array of colourful and lively dragon and lion dances, showcasing ancient traditional Chinese culture and tradition. Trafalgar Square London hosts a welcome ceremonial and parade to commence Chinese New Year festivities in London. There will also be food booths, cultural stalls and decorations throughout the day in Chinatown, Soho and a firework show in Westminster London in the evening.

British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) along with many other London museums and galleries participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations in London.

Last Chinese New Year in London, variety of martial arts and acrobatic performances energised 3 London venues. The London Chinese Film Festival was held and lots of London's Chinese restaurants conducted special banquets and events.

As well as traditional Chinese dragon and lion dances, you can expect to see a diverse range of live performers, including multi-skilled entertainers from China. Chinese New Year in London is a vibrant thrilling celebration not to be missed!

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Welcome Chinese New Year 2014 with traditional Chinese Dragon and Lion Dances parade in London!