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Blood Brothers the Musical in London is heart-rending tale of twin brothers who split at birth.
Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers the Musical in London

Upto 9th November 2012
Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road, Soho, WC2H 0JP
Telephone: 0870 060 6629

Blood Brothers the Musical in London Phoenix Theatre, the story of how social upbringing is responsible for the way twin brothers split at birth follow different paths in life. Their mother is a cleaner working for an Upper Class family, after her husband leaves her; she is unable to afford to keep her twin boys so gives one child away to the Upper Class family she works for. She vows to never to contact her adopted child and tells her family that one child died at birth to hide the secret.

Willy Russell's Blood Brothers in London Phoenix Theatre unfolds to reveal how one brother ends up in Prison whilst the other is an Oxbridge educated Councillor. The twist of fate continues as they both fall in love with the same girl which sadly all ends in tragedy.

Blood Brothers, has received more than four awards for Best Musical in London and has received acclaim worldwide.

For more information Blood Brothers the Musical in London Phoenix Theatre, please call 0870 060 6629.

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Age Restrictions: Minimum age 12 years old

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Tottenham Court Road
Leicester Square

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Enjoy the tragic story of star-crossed twin brothers at Blood Brothers the Musical in London Phoenix Theatre!