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Bike Week 2014 is the UK's biggest mass participation cycling event.


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Bike Week 2014

Bike Week 2014 in London

14th - 22nd June 2014
Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square, St Margaret's Street, Westminster, London SW1A
Telephone: 0845 680 5005

Bike Week 2014 is the UK's largest mass participation annual cycling event, & program how cycling can comfortably be part from the promoting each day cycling to everyone. certifying the friendly, fitness and bionomics advantage from the cycling, the week goal and catch people to get the boot cycling a set all of the UK's, whether its be funny, as means of acquiring almost in the from here shops, school, the studio or just to visit friends.

For more information on Bike Week 2014 in London, please phone 0845 680 5005.

Visiting Bike Week 2014 in London:

Cost: Free

Time: TBC

Age Restrictions: N/A

Nearest Underground Stations:
Westminster Tube Station 2 minutes walk
St James's Park Tube Station 8 minutes walk

For more information please visit:

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