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America's greatest rock band Aerosmith at The O2 London to give sky-scraping performance.


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Aerosmith at The O2 London

15th June 2010
The O2, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, London, SE10 0PE
Telephone: +44 161 385 3211

Aerosmith at The O2 London promises to be a thrilling experience. Arguably the best band in rock history, Aerosmith treat the London O2 Arena to their only UK appearance.

Entitled 'Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock', Aerosmith's new tour is impressive.

Make sure you don't miss the sensational Aerosmith at The O2 London.

For more information on Aerosmith at The O2 London, please phone +44 161 385 3211.

Visiting Aerosmith at The O2:

Cost: TBA

Time: 6:30PM

Age Restrictions: N/A

Nearest Underground Stations:
North Greenwich

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Have an excellent rock experience with America's best rock group Aerosmith at The O2 London!