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Bitte Midler coming to London for the first in 35 years

Bette Midler

18th - 19th July 2015
The O2, Peninsula Square London, United Kingdom SE10 0DX
Telephone: 020 8463 2000

The legendary performer and multiple Grammy award-winning singer Bette Midler, is coming for the first time to UK from 18th to 19th July 2015 at The O2.

Midler's song "Wind Beneath My Wings" for the movie "Beaches" was a huge hit in 1988, and won Oscar and Grammy awards of the year. Barbara Hershey and Midler played forever friends act in the movie. During 1990s, Midler enjoyed her success on screen with Woody Allen in the movie Scenes from a Mall.

In 2014 Midler sang for the Academy award, making her first appearance as a performer at this event. Now she is coming to perform her hit songs live at The O2, London.

For more information on Bette Midler, please phone 020 8463 2000

Visiting Bette Midler:

Cost: &64.00 - &123.50

Time: 6:30pm

Age Restrictions: N/A

Nearest Underground Stations:
North Greenwich Tube Station (2 minutes walk)

For more information please visit:

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Enjoy Midler's performance at The O2, London