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London Buses provides easy access and real London views with many bus stops and CCTV.


Buses in London

Buses in London

With 17,000 bus stops throughout the city you are rarely more than a 5 minute walk from the next stop. London buses are cheaper than an equivalent tube journey and they are preferred by many travellers who want to see real London views. However, buses in London are often crammed and they move rather slowly because of the traffic. Bus Passes can be purchased from newsagents and tube stations. Alternatively, an Oyster Card or a day travelcard will also be valid on a bus. Kids under 11 years old travel free.

The famous red buses in London run universally from 05.00 to 00.30 with many routes operating a 24-hour or Night Bus service. Bus tickets are often required prior to boarding (£2 for an adult - single journey).

London buses are very handy when you are travelling late at night or when you miss the London underground. Most buses in London have CCTV in operation this way ensuring that you will be safely back at your London hotel. Most of the Night Buses pass through the London Trafalgar Square area, near to London theatres, London cinemas and London entertainment areas. All stops on a Night Bus are request stops which mean you have to ring the bell to get off at any stop. Travel information centres, selected newsagents and major Underground stations provide a Night Bus booklet and credit card size timetables. One day tickets and Family Travelcards are not valid on Night buses and children must pay adult fares after 22:00 on all buses.

Open Topped Bus

Victoria/ Westminster

Big Bus Company
48 Buckingham Palace Road
London, SW1W 0RN

South West London
Original London Sightseeing Tour
Jews Row, Wandsworth, London,
SW18 1TB
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Have fun travelling in the famous Red buses in London with many London bus stops!