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A Wild Day Out at the London Zoo

The London Zoo is the perfect day out for all the family. Located in the London Regent's Park, the London zoo opened in 1828 and is the world's oldest scientific zoo. The London Zoo was also the first to open a Reptile House, public Aquarium, Insect House and Children's Zoo.

All in all the London Zoo houses almost 750 species of animals ranging from the Blackfooted penguin, Asian lion and giraffes to the Pygmy hippopotamus and Burmese python.

To see hundreds of butterflies from the tropics of SE Asia, Central and South America and East Africa, step into the eye-catching 'Butterfly Paradise' at London Zoo, where you will be surrounded by butterflies flying around you.

The Aquarium at London Zoo requires 200,000 gallons of both fresh water and seawater for all of its tanks. There are many exotic and endangered fish as well as beautiful coral reefs and sting rays taking to you to the very depths of sea life.

New for 2010 is Rainforest Life, built inside a giant bio-dome, visitors can experience a taste of the tropics including lush vegetation, tropical mist (real rain and tropical climates) and rainforest species including golden-headed lion tamarins, sloths, tree anteaters, birds and free-roaming red titi monkeys.

For a fascinating day out in central London, visit the London Zoo, and to avoid the queues, book your tickets online at


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Have a perfect day out in London with wild creatures at the world's oldest scientific zoo, the London Zoo!