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Privacy Policy of LTH Hotels protects your private information and blocks outside access.

Privacy Policy

Your private details such as name, address, telephone no/email, credit card details are secure with LTH Hotels...

Privacy Policy - London Town Hotels

Privacy Policy - London Town Hotels

Every user is anonymous on this web site unless the personal details are filled in on the booking form to be submitted. By filling in the booking form you voluntarily provide us with your personal details such as name, address, telephone number/email, credit card details. This information is immediately encrypted and held securely on our server. The server keeps all data provided secure and blocks outside access to the information.

As a secure Internet site we guarantee confidentiality of the information provided by you. We will not sell, trade or release confidential information entrusted to us to anyone outside our company under any circumstances. We may however disclose your personal information to parties requiring it under Law, to perform credit checks or collect debts owed, to protect the rights of property of this Site or its Users.

Our employees, vendors, agents are required to affirm confidentiality of your information and not to share it with any third party.

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Feel secure with the privacy policy of London Town Hotels who ensures privacy of your information.