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Banqueting House in London is too popular for execution of Charles I on a stage in Whitehall.


London Banqueting House

Banqueting House in London

Banqueting House is the merely existing part of the Great Palace of Whitehall in London. Featuring the first examples Palladianism being applied to an English building by Indigo Jones, the Banqueting House in London is an architecturally distinctive building. The London Banqueting House is certainly extremely popular for the implementation of Charles I which took place here in the year 1649, on a scaffold stage especially erected in Whitehall (one of the Banqueting House's highlights). Other highlights at the Banqueting Hall include the great Rubens ceiling and the Undercroft, which was originally designed as a drinking den for James I and a place where he could escape the rigors of public life.

The Banqueting House building was intended for various forms of entertainments and receptions, but when the decorated ceiling by Peter Paul Rubens was fitted in the prime hall inside, it fell out of use. Peter Paul Rubens' splendid and incredible pictures and drawings have endured war, fire, flood and it is not anything other than outstanding that one can still get pleasure from them in their unique and innovative surroundings; simply the way courtiers and kings have done for the last past four hundred years.

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Visiting London Banqueting House:

Address: Whitehall, Westminster, London, SW1A 2ER

Telephone: 0870 751 5178

Cost: Adult £4.80, Child under 16 - free

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00

Age Restrictions: None

Nearest Underground Stations:
Westminster Tube (5 minutes)
Charing Cross Tube (6 minutes)

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Enjoy the main highlights of the London's Banqueting House, the only present part of the Great Palace of Whitehall in London!