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London Leicester Square attracts tourists for the Swiss Centre with its Glockenspiel clock.


Leicester Square London

Leicester Square London

Leicester Square in London is one of the most popular destinations for nightlife entertainment. Favoured place to meet, it was originally designed in the mid 17th century and got its name from the Earl of Leicester.

The Leicester Square is home to major London cinemas including Odeon and Empire. It is also a place where many celebrities walk the red carpet at the new movie premieres. It's like a little Hollywood - don't be surprised if you'll be stopped and asked to model or offered your portrait painted.

The Swiss Centre with its Glockenspiel clock is a focal point in the London Leicester Square, springing to life every 15 mins. During the summer months, the square hosts a fun fair which adds to the general liveliness.

In the middle of the Square there is a small park. On the pavement are inscribed the distances in miles to countries of the former British Empire.

If you want to get the best deals on West End shows, you should visit the ticket offices at Leicester Square in London. You can get tickets half price and note that tickets are only sold for performances on the same day and you may have to queue for a few minutes.

Visiting the London Leicester Square:

Address: Westminster, London, WC2H 7BP

Nearest Underground Stations:
Leicester Square Tube (2 minutes)
Piccadilly Circus Tube (4 minutes)

What's on at Leicester Square London :
There are no Events in Leicester Square currently listed.

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Chill out at the little Hollywood by watching your favourite celebrities at the Leicester square in London!