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The Debates in both the Houses of Parliament in London can be well attended by all visitors.


House of Parliament London

House of Parliament London

The House of Lords and the House of Commons form the Houses of Parliament in London, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at its helm. It is the supreme legislative body of UK and its overseas territories. Both the Houses of Parliament have been meeting in separate chambers of the Westminster Palace in London since 1550. This palace was built by Edward the Confessor in the eleventh century. Situated on the north bank of the River Thames, in the London Borough of the City of Westminster, the Palace of Westminster is in the neighbourhood of several other government buildings. Big Ben the bell clock tower, one of the famous landmarks of London, is also located here.

The House of Commons is the democratically elected body of the British government and has 646 members who are elected every five years. It is also referred to as the lower house of the Parliament. The Prime Minister and the other government ministers are also members of the House of Commons. Theoretically, the Queen-in-Parliament holds the supreme legislative power, but the real power of ruling lies with the Commons, upon whose advice she acts.

The House of Lords is the non elected body of the government, comprising of 745 members all of who are either there by virtue of their heredity and nominations. It is also known as the upper or the second House of the British Parliament.

Visitors can attend the debates in both the Houses of the Parliament in London while it is in sitting, on purchasing a ticket at the St. Stephen's entrance between Cromwell Green and the Old Palace Yard on St. Margaret Street in London.

Visiting the London House of Parliament:

Address: Westminster, St Margaret Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA

Telephon: +44 (0)20 7219 5353

Cost: Visitor's Gallery free. Tours: £7 (Adults), £5 (Concs), £22 (Family - Free (Under 5s)

Nearest Underground Stations:
Westminster Tube (3 minutes)
St James's Park Tube (9 minutes)

For more information on the London House of Parliament, please visit :

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View the most popular London sight - Big Ben, the bell clock tower located in the London House of Parliament!