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Watch London Greyhound Racing, modern & very popular sports in London, Manchester!


Greyhound racing in London

Greyhound Racing London

Greyhound racing in London, Manchester, often referred to as a modern day transformation, today welcomes four million attendees a year. With a help of quality restaurants and bars, the sport now attracts an audience searching for entertainment and the thrill of the race.

Each race features six greyhounds, which cover 500 meters in about 30 seconds. The sport, which began in Manchester in 1926, became extremely popular with royalty, lords and ladies. Today a new generation is making its own bit out of greyhound racing in London.

A night out at the dogs is inexpensive, lively and fun. A seat in the grandstand at one of the six London stadiums costs less than £5 and the restaurants are surprisingly good. There are usually approximately a dozen races which start around 7:30pm and end around 10:30pm. South London houses two of the easiest stadiums to get to: Catford (+44 (0)20 8690 8000; and Wimbledon (phone +44 (0)20 8946 8000;

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Chill out at London stadiums for watching Greyhound racing in London, Manchester!