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London Green Park provides fresh air with lots of greenery around & is a fine peaceful retreat.


London Green park

Green Park London

Covering 19 hectares, Green Park in London is open all day all year round and is quite different from its neighbour parks. Bordered by Constitution Hill, Piccadilly and Queen's Walk, Green Park is more peaceful with more mature trees and greenery than other London parks. Green Park's open space contributes to life in the capital by providing fresh air, greenery and a quiet escape.

The London Green Park, so-called because of the absence of flowers, is one of the Royal Parks of London. It has no lakes or statues, unlike many other London parks. Green Park once formed part of Henry VIII's hunting.

Today the park's primary role is to provide a quiet and peaceful retreat for those living in London or visiting. Sunbathing and picnics are as popular as jogging and running when the weather is good. This attractive and tranquil place will allow to enjoy seeing common birds such as Blackbird and Starling.

The London Green Park featured in the live action version of 101 Dalmatians (1996) and was also a setting for The Mother (2003).

Visiting The Green Park, London :

Address: Central, Westminster, London, SW1A 1EE

Telephone: 020 7930 1793

Nearest Underground Stations:
Green Park Tube (4 minutes)
Hyde Park Corner Tube (9 minutes)

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Jog, run and have sunbathing at the calmest & royal Green Park in London!