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A Chocolate Wonderland by Cocomaya Opens at Liberty London

A new place for chocoholics in the capital, the Chocolate Wonderland at Liberty London invites you indulge in the chocolatey atmosphere. London's most exquisite chocolatier Cocomaya has started a chic, pop-up chocolate store in Liberty's Carnaby Room last week. The store brings a staggering array of chocolates to provide you a choice to select from a heterogeneous collection for this Christmas and post-Christmas period.

Cocomaya is one of the capital's ever-growing chocolate makers, well-known for their high-quality, creative products. With a plethora of artisan chocolates, that seem so good to eat, Cocomaya is turning into the most influential chocolatier in the metropolis. An elegant interior with an out-of-the-way colour combination is the hallmark of Cocomaya's shop.

Cocomaya produces gourmet, hand-crafted chocolates with a little macabre touch, including eerie chocolate skulls, truffles in gaudy jewel tones and much more to taste and admire. As you might expect, a brand-new shop at Liberty London, The Cocomaya Chocolate Wonderland is overflowing with an eclectic repertoire of their usual and unusual chocolates and sweets of stocking-stuffer prices.

The Cocomaya Chocolate Wonderland at Liberty London features an Aladdin's cavern of Christmas sweets, decorated with vintage bric-a-brac and festive party favours, quaint cabinets with cellophane-wrapped goodies and the pine tables inundated with heaps of novelty candies.

Liberty is the most iconic department store in London. This stunning, wooden panelled store sells luxury designer fashion, haberdashery and homeware. At Liberty London, you'll find flocks of people all around the year who explore collections of cutting-edge products including Liberty print fabric and numerous sublime creations of aspiring designers.

Now, why to spend too much for top-quality chocolates in the capital, as the Cocomaya Chocolate Wonderland at Liberty London brings a well-priced range of finest sweets and chocolates. If you're a chocoholic, don't waste your time; visit this new-fangled chocolate store in London as soon as possible.


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Discover a wide range of delicious chocolates and sweets at the Cocomaya Chocolate Wonderland at Liberty London!