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Where to find cheapest London packages?

General travel packages are falling out of fashion giving way to special offers for cheaper and more selective traveller choice.

Global credit crunch has resulted in an increased number of favourable offers for travellers. Cheap airline flights, train and coach fares, hotels, restaurants, theatre, concert and exhibition tickets - to mention just a few - have created a competitive range of options available to those who are looking for affordable luxury for their holiday or city break.

Expedia is arguably the most prominent website for travel packages, including flights, hotels, car hires and other useful options. However, today research shows that even cheaper deals can be arranged when things are booked directly and separately, creating your own package. For example, London is a popular destination as pound is weak and cheap airlines in London are offering convenient and efficient travel. But there are also trains and coaches, providing access to greater England, with fares tumbling. Special offers are just another example of how companies strive to complete in difficult times. These days, special offers are probably the best thing to keep an eye on. Ryanair and EasyJet, both flying to London, often feature offers where tickets can be bought for as cheap as £20. central London hotels offer cheapest packages in London along with affordable luxury for a price much more favourable to traveller than it was half-a-year ago. Greater effort is channelled through all customer service industries and these should not be overlooked when creating your own travel packages.

For those who like to get the best deals in London, try to compare. Don't be surprised to discover that when booked directly, through official website, London hotels as well as rail tickets or theatre tickets, are most of the time cheaper when combined rather than when buying a package through sites like Expedia. When booked directly, guests can expect some nice additional perks like free upgrade or breakfast at our luxury hotels in London Paddington, Hyde Park and Kensington. And this, measured against the total cost of the package, might result to extra cash for London entertainment and London sightseeing.


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