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Camley Street Natural Park in London offers ecologists natural atmosphere for rich wildlife.


London Camley Street Natural Parkm

Camley Street Natural Park London

Camley Street Natural Park in London is an unexpected treasure by Regent's Canal with meadows and ponds providing a natural environment for wildlife. Managed by the London Wildlife Trust, Camley Street Natural Park is one of some 50 nature reserves in London. For those who want something really country-like this park is an ideal place for an escape from central London.

London Camley Street Natural Park in the heart of London's King's Cross area offers some well preserved meadows, marsh woodlands and open-air habitats. The reserve provides natural habitat for birds, butterflies, amphibians and a rich variety of plant life. You might come across such species like rare earthstar fungi, reed warblers or rabbits.

The Camley Street Natural Park in London offers various activities to local community. Those visiting can also benefit from the valuable resources the London Wildlife Trust has - a visitor centre, environmental education for schools and lifelong learning. The natural park will be interesting to environmentalists as well as curious visitors or residents who are passionate about wildlife and nature.

Visiting The Camley Street Natural Park, London:

Address: Camley Street, Camden, London, NW1 0PW

Telephone: 020 7833 2311

Cost: Free
Time: Summer: 10:00 - 17:00
Winter: 10:00 - 16:00 | Closed Fridays

Nearest Underground Stations:
King's Cross Tube (7 minutes)
Mornington Crescent Tube (11 minutes)

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Enjoy wildlife & nature managed by the London Wildlife Trust at the London Camley Street Natural Park!