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Bushy Park & Longford River London covers more than 450 hectares and is the 2nd largest.


Bushy Park & The Longford River

Bushy Park and Longford River in London

A real asset to the Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park in London boasts an area of 445 hectares and is the second largest of the Royal Parks. Home to around 320 free-roaming deer, sandpipers, herons, three species of native woodpeckers, warblers, finches, tits, redwing thrushes, frogs and toads this park is an exceptional example of distinctly rural character and rich wildlife.

The London Bushy Park is loved equally by those who enjoy picnics and those who like to take part in informal games that regularly take place in the open areas of grassland. Cycling is one of the more popular sports here as it is allowed on all roads in the park. The Bushy Park is usually open 24 hours for pedestrians with limit hours between September and November.

This Tudor dynasty-old park contains beautiful woodland gardens, tree-lined vistas and a wilderness similar to the Richmond Park in London. It is also famous for being home of the Diana Fountain which has the mile long Chestnut Avenue leading up to it.

Longford River is nine miles in length and runs outside the Park's boundaries creating a 'linear nature reserve' with its grass banks.

Longford River is a man-made waterway running for 13 miles. Charles I created the Longford River so that fresh water could easily flow into Hampton Court Palace. Now, the Longford River feeds the numerous ponds and streams in the beautiful Bushy Park.

The London Bushy Park also host many events for children entertainment, park walks and concerts and is a very vibrant venue. A must if you visit Hampton Court Palace.

Visiting The Bushy Park and Longford River, London:

Address: The Stockyard, Bushy Park, Hampton Court Road, Hampton, TW12 2EJ

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8979 1586

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