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London dance and sports clubs are superb for fine leisure activities and recreation in London.


London Dance Clubs

London Sports and Dance Clubs

While in London, you might want to try some special recreation and leisure activities. Dance and sports clubs in London will help you stay fit and enjoy an activity that you might not have tried before. Choose from a range of sports and dance clubs in London, keep yourselves fit and learn to dance!

Vacani School of Dancing

St. Michaels House 2 Elizabeth St, London, SW1W 9RB
Telephone: (0171) 823 5461

Ritz Snooker Club
16 Semley House Semley Place, London, SW1W 9QJ

The International Football Hall of Fame Ltd
14a Eccleston St, London, SW1W 9LT

The Pool Shack
16 Semley House Semley Place, London, SW1W 9QJ

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Remain fit and learn dancing at dance and sports club in London.