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10 Downing Street in London is the most well known address in the UK & is historically vital.


10 Downing Street London

10 Downing Street London

For over a century, 10 Downing Street in London has remained historically significant for being the seat of power from where 52 British Prime Ministers, also known as the First Lord of Treasury, have run their governments, formulated and implemented policies, made world changing decisions and entertained statesmen and dignitaries from around the world. It is perhaps one of the most famous addresses in London and one of the widely recognized structures in the world. Currently, 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London is the official residence and office of UK's Prime Minister and Minister for the Civil Service, Gordon Brown.

Behind the famous black door that bears the number 10, is a network of offices for the Prime Minister and his team of secretaries and advisors. Numerous conference rooms, dining rooms, private apartments, kitchens and cellars are also part of the house.

The number 10 building was originally three different structures: a modern townhouse bearing the Number 10, the "house at the back" and a small house next to it. Commissioned by Sir Robert Walpole, Britain's first Prime Minister, architect William Kent came up with a master plan to convert these three buildings into a single large one. After a massive renovation and reconstruction exercise these buildings were connected by what is known as the Treasury Passage. Over the years this structure with its myriad passages and staircases has undergone several significant renovations and restorations to make it a place befitting the stature of the most powerful men in the history of British governance.

The closest station is Westminster. The Number 10 house is located in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster, the St. James Park, the House of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace.

Visiting London 10 Downing Street:

Address: 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 2AA

Nearest Underground Stations:
Westminster Tube (4 minutes)
Charing Cross Tube (8 minutes)

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